• The Visual Business Logic Editor Toolkit

    An in-house project

    The Toolkit is an all-purpose toolkit that allows to create UIs giving the chance for nonprogrammers to work directly with business logic and prevent most mistakes. It gives the opportunity to quickly and cheap create visual editors for any subject-oriented programming languages or for other formal description.

    The project was released, new releases are being developed.

    More info about the toolkit: Technology. Some demos of The Toolkit editors are available at demo.logiceditor.com.

    Technologies: JavaScript, Lua.

  • Interactive visual novel “Psycho/Logical”

    An in-house project

    A gripping visual short story about hostage takeover::

    • HTML 5,
    • for mobile platforms and modern browsers,
    • made on innovative hi-tech middleware.

    Game’s page.

    The project was released.

    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5.

  • Big data processing and analysis

    A contracted project

    Consulting for a large company in the internet advertising business. Data mining, data clustering and classification, user behaviour analysis, smart advertising targeting/retargeting, recommender systems, user look-alike, etc.

    The project was completed.

    Technologies: Lua, С, R, Bash, Hadoop.

  • AddFlow banner network backend

    A contracted project under NDA

    The backend of a mid-load advertising network. According to synthetic tests up to 160M hits/day/machine. Everyday load — about 20M hits/day/machine.

    The project was released.

    Technologies: Lua, nginx, Redis.

  • The internal payment system aggregator for game projects

    A contracted project under NDA

    The system allows to accept payments from a large number of payment systems with the use of a common API. Among others, QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex.Money are supported.

    The project was released, passed to the customer, operates on some of their game projects.

    Technologies: Lua, nginx, Redis, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript.

  • Integrating third party air conditioning control system into Fibaro Home Center 2

    A contracted project

    Ducted air conditioning system controlling program for home automation system Fibaro Home Center 2.

    “I was very pleased with LogicEditor due to their responsiveness and ability to think outside-the-box. The solution provided the features that were requested and time frames were met even when technological issues hindered progress. I would highly recommend LogicEditor for future projects.” — Client

    Technologies: Lua, tcpdump, FGHC Rest API, FGHC Lua API.

  • Asbuka iOS-app for teaching German-speaking users Russian phonetics

    A contracted project

    Author’s teaching course for iPhone and iPad including ten lectures on grammar and phonetics, with examples of correct pronunciation, for German-speaking users.

    The project was released.

    Apps on iTunes: asbuka, asbuka-free.

    Technologies: Adobe AIR.

  • Browser multiplayer match3 game on HTML5

    A contracted project under NDA

    Client/Server browser game. HTML5 game, supports mobile devices.

    Project led until closed beta stage, curtailed by the client.

    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, Lua, nginx, Redis, MySQL.

  • TLD-registrar system support and development

    A contracted project under NDA

    We organized interaction with APIs of various TLD-registrars, created back office and customer area and performed other tasks.

    The project was released and is further developed.

    Technologies: Python, Django, Twisted, Gevent, MySQL, Nginx, Gearman.

  • A Lua library for Asterisk on the AMI protocol

    A contracted project

    The library allows to use Asterisk Manager Interface for the Asterisk server connection, to send requests and to receive messages via TCP/IP.

    Library on GitHub.

    Technologies: Lua, Asterisk.

  • Assorted modules for Unity3D

    A contracted project under NDA

    Several modules for a large project in Unity3D. Among others:

    • UI to create complex analytical queries.
    • Camera trajectory control UI.
    • Video-capture.
    • Arbitrary resolution screenshot capture for any camera on scene.
    • DRM integration.

    The project was released.

    Technologies: Unity3D, C#, Mono.

  • IT-audit

    Several contracted projects under NDA

    IT-audit for non-IT companies, analysis of the business and IT processes inside an IT department, between it and other departments in the company. Analysis of risks and threats. Consulting on the ways to fix problems.