Our team


  • Александр Гладыш фото

    Alexander Gladysh


    CTO, co-founder. 13 years experience in commercial software development, 10 years experience in development management.

  • Дмитрий Потапов фото

    Dmitry Potapov


    Producer, co-founder. 15 years experience in commercial software development, 11 years experience in development management.

The in-house team

The LogicEditor works on per-project basis. Our team is distributed and has a core of expert software engineers with wide and deep expertise. If necessary, we hand-pick additional experts for each project from our wide pool of trusted sub-contractors, individual freelancers as well as IT-companies.

Key experts

Software engineer: 4 persons. 5-20 years of experience. Main programming languages: C, C++, Lua, JavaScript, Python, Erlang, C#, Java, Objective C. Experienced in developing server applications for Linux, client applications for Windows, browser and social applications, mobile applications (iOS, Android), all including games and non-game applications. VOIP, low-level networking, etc. etc.

Big-data analyst: 2 persons. 2 years of experience both. Data mining, data clustering and classification, user behaviour analysis, smart advertising targeting/retargeting, recommender systems, user look-alike, etc.

Sysadmin: 1 person. 17 years of experience. Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, OpenBSD. Pureftpd, vsftpd. Apache, nginx. Postfix, uw-imapd, popa3d, courier-imap. BIND, pdnsd. Samba-2.2.x, Samba-3.0.x. SpamAssassin. Interbase, MySQL. Redis. Xen, OpenVZ, kvm. OpenFire, ejabberd. Debian/GNU packaging. Salt. Highload. Etc. etc.