• Lua-NĂșcleo

    A random collection of core and utility level Lua libraries.

  • Lua-Aplicado

    A random collection of application-level Lua libraries.

  • JSON2lua

    A command-line tool to convert JSON to Lua.

  • lua-amf

    A library to work with Action Message Format in lua.

  • lua-hiredis

    Bindings for hiredis Redis-client library.

  • luamarca

    A set of various benchmarks for Lua code.

  • lua-geoip

    Bindings for MaxMind's GeoIP library.

  • luatexts

    Trivial Lua human-readable binary-safe serialization library.

  • luabins

    Trivial Lua Binary Serialization Library.

  • lua2json

    A command-line tool to convert Lua to JSON.

  • lua-inih

    Bindings for inih, simple .INI file parser.

  • lua-phpserialize

    Lua module to support PHP serialize().

  • lua-noise

    Noise generators for Lua.

  • Lua Alchemy

    Lua Achemy allows to use Lua code in Flash AIR apps, effectively combining the benefits of crossplatforming and the ease of a scripting language.