LogicEditor is a remote team, with core members based in Belgrade.

Our specialization:

  • High-load web-services.
  • High-performance big-data analytics.
  • HTML5 games (including support for mobile targets).
  • Native mobile games (iOS / Android and other platforms).
  • Consulting services on software development.
  • IT-audit.
You can find more detailed information about some of our projects: “Portfolio”.

One of our core activities is data collection and user behavior analytics. It allows us to pick out those users who will most probably bring profit. Our specialists are experts in leading users to certain websites or mobile apps.

One of our products is The Visual Business Logic Editor Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to help people not familiar with programming deal with difficult or routine tasks of changing systems' logic and algorithms. The Toolkit is particularly well suited for business logic editors and is, in general, good for any hierarchical data editors, complex data filters, query builders etc. More info about the Toolkit “Technology”.

We are active members of open source movement. You can find links to the released code in the “Open source” section.

Our team, part of which you can find on the “Team” page, tries to share not only code, but also knowledge and experience. The list of our publications and reports is also available on this page.